Reminders to Taxpayers

  • New York State Real Property Tax Law: As a taxpayer it is very important to remember that according to New York State Law the PROPERTY OWNER is responsible for ALL Taxes and applicable penalties whether or not they receive the actual bill. If you are not escrowed with a Bank or Mortgage Company you should receive a tax bill the first week of the month the bill is due. If you do not receive a bill, please contact the Tax Office as soon as possible.
  • If Your Taxes Are Escrowed: Your Bank or Mortgage Company will receive a printout of the taxes on properties for which they hold escrow accounts. Receipts for escrowed property are now mailed directly to the homeowner approximately 3 weeks from the date they are paid by the Bank or Mortgage Company. We encourage all homeowners to keep them with their records for future reference.
  • If Your Taxes Are Not Escrowed: The Tax Bill will be mailed to the ***OWNER ON OUR RECORDS*** (see DEEDS below) at the time the bills are printed by the County. If the ENTIRE BILL is included with the payment, the top portion will be receipted and mailed back.
  • DEEDS: Please be aware that there is a time lapse of 2-3 months from the date a deed is filed with the County until the information is recorded with the Assessor's Office. Therefore, if you buy or sell property in the Town of Clay your input is very important to help us direct tax bills to the proper location.
  • Paying Off Your Mortgage: Homeowners who pay off their mortgage or are no longer escrowed for taxes are encouraged to contact the Tax Office immediately so that we may send all future tax bills directly to you as the homeowner.
  • Address Updates: If at any time you change your current mailing address please notify the assessor's office immediately so that the tax bills will be delivered properly.
  • Third Party Notices: COPIES of tax bills are sent to a close relative or concerned party on behalf of a Senior Citizen or person suffering an illness who may require assistance with their property taxes. The forms are available at the Tax Office.
  • Exemptions: For information and inquiries concerning exemptions,including the STAR Program (School Tax Relief) please visit the assessor's office.

Please visit the New York State Office of Real Property Services Taxpayer Information site for more information about The Property Taxpayer's BILL OF RIGHTS.

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