Highway Department

The highway department employs 40 full time workers. In the summer, an additional 20 school/college students are added. The highway department has many duties throughout the town, which include the following:

Highway Department

In the highway department during the summer months they maintain approximately 170 miles of town owned roadway. Maintenance includes road surfacing, paving, pothole repair, sweeping, mowing of roadsides and cleaning ditches. During the winter months they plow and salt all town roads. There are seventeen plowing and twelve sanding routes, each having two men per vehicle. All street and road control signs are made, repaired, replaced and installed by our in-house sign department.


The highway department employees maintain four major parks and 16 neighborhood parks town-wide with 253 acres of mowable grass and 13 green areas with 117 acres of mowable grass. There are also two cemeteries. Maintenance includes grass cutting, trimming, brush and trash removal plus the upkeep on the town athletic fields. These include thirteen baseball, six softball, five football fields and eight soccer fields. The fields are striped, top dressed and fertilized as needed. There are also eleven tennis courts and two 18 hole disc golf courses located throughout the town. Installation and maintenance on all playground equipment is also maintained by highway personnel. All repairs on restrooms, building and lights within the parks are the responsibility of the highway department employees.

Drainage and Sanitation

This department is responsible for rebuilding and maintenance of all the catch basins, culverts, swales and ditches. Duties include cleaning out drainage pipes and catch basins of all accumulated sand and debris to enable the flow of water.

Equipment Maintenance

The three full-time mechanics employed in this department have their hands full keeping a fleet of over 100+ pieces of equipment in good running order. This equipment ranges in size from snowplows and dump trucks down to push mowers and chain saws. Any maintenance from oil changes to complete engine overhauls is done in the town’s main highway garage.

Body Shop

The body shop repairs and paints all equipment to maintain its appearance and keep it in good repair.

Building Maintenance

The highway department's personnel perform building maintenance on the Town of Clay Municipal Building, Highway Building, Pole barns, Senior Center and Welcoming Center. Their duties include all plumbing, painting, electrical, remodeling, grounds maintenance, and roof repairs.




Joseph A. Nicoletti, Jr.


(315) 652-3800 x 3
(315) 652-5137
7:00 AM - 3:30 PM M-Friday
Summer Hours: 6:30 AM - 4:30 PM M-Thursday

Support Staff

Tricia Herzog

Information Aide

Carmon Phillips

Information Aide