Current Peddlers and Solicitors

Peddlers and Solicitors
Business Name Peddler Name(s) Manager Phone
CTM Marketing Inc. (dba Verizon FIOS) Casey Moul Casey Moul 315-406-4599
Gloria's Ice Cream Wendylee Gelling Wendylee Gelling 315-263-5166
Just Energy Ronald Boyde II
Joshua Johnson
Randy Wallace
Rebecca Dagraca
Cynthia Gaston
Leah Doolittle
Jaida Stevens
Carlesha Clemons
Martinesha Boatwright
Jamie French 315-643-2008
My Smart House Marc Schmidt
Patrick Santiago
Nick 716-812-2192
New York Adult & Teen Challenge Syracuse - Not for Profit Mark A. Torres
Jeffrey A. Letscher
Troy Stephen Guy II
Karl B. Deans, Jr.
Matthew R. Launt
Karl B. Dean Jr. 315-478-4139
New York Public Interest Group - NYPERG - Not for Profit Leah Tidd
Ethan Gormley
Evelyn Marks
Cassandra Wisniewski
Nyteaha Harrison
Emma Groff
R. Clemons 1-877-829-5500
Prime Time Marketing Selling Energy Services Jonathan Carvalho
Nicholas Arnold
Michael Fiore Jr.
Christopher Wink Jr.
Joshua Johnson
Christopher Cooper
Joseph Scuderi
Sarah 315-455-2395
Renewal by Anderson Kyle Baker
Zachary Placidi
Zachary Loughrey
Justan Ireland
Noah Beatie
Paul Wood
Justan Ireland 315-422-3500
Southwestern Products Certificate of Compliance - Not for Profit James W. Stewart James W. Stewert 305-962-5827
True Green Lawn Care Amir C.A.Cary
Matthew Wilmot
Cody Myers
Matthew Espinosa
Jacob Sherman
Randy Moses 315-766-0616

Town Clerk



Jill Hageman-Clark

Town Clerk & Marriage Officer

(315) 652-3800 x 145
(315) 622-7259
8:30AM - 4:30PM M-F

Support Staff

Holly Page

Deputy Town Clerk

Andrea Sackett

Deputy Town Clerk