Cub Scout May 2012 Park Cleanup

Posted on May 1, 2012

Cub Scout 620 with the help of boy scouts and leaders cleaned the Clay Historic Park for the fourth year in a row. They raked leaves pulled weeds, picked up dead branches and cleaned flower beds. This was in conjunction this year with the Parks and Trails of New York State’s first “I Love My Park Day.” 620 adopted the park four years ago and clean every year. They packed many large plastic bags with debris. They also have improved the park with two picnic tables, a cover for the well and removable benches for those who tour the park to rest during the past four years.

Pictured are some who helped:

Cub Scout Troop 620

Front: Jerry NunnoNorod (boy scout), Peter Weber and Kyle NunnoNorod Back: Alan Heller Clay Historical Association Tour guide, Nathan Keyes (boy scout), Randy Steffen (Den leader). Alex Steffen (boy scout), Tom Weber (Cub master) and Dorothy Heller ()Town Historian). Allso Leesa Kelley not pictured.

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