Dec 15, 2020


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Dec 2, 2020


Winter Street Parking

No parking hours are: November 1 – April 1, 12:00am to 8:00am.

Dec 2, 2020


Mailboxes Hit by Snowplow

What happens if a mailbox is damaged from snow removal?

Please call the Highway Department at (315) 652-3800 ext.168 as soon as possible.  As a courtesy, Highway will arrange to assess the damage and attempt to repair and upright your mailbox so you can receive mail. Resident mailboxes are located in the Town's right of way. Under the New York State Highway Law 319, the Town is not legally responsible for replacing mailboxes that may have been damaged by the snow removal process. The Town is mandated to clear the roads for emergency vehicles.

The only mailboxes that will be replaced due to plow damage are standard metal mailboxes with 4x4 wooden posts.

Under no circumstances the following be repaired or replaced:

Decorative mailbox or decorative post, or any other custom mailboxes/posts 

Plastic mailboxes of any kind, including Rubbermaid green surround

Posts which are already in unstable or poor condition

A mailbox that popped off the cross support and shows no damage

Mailboxes located on County or State maintained highway

Newspaper tubes will not be reinstalled, repaired or replaced

All mailboxes damaged during the winter season must be reported to the Highway Department by March 31st of that year.

Jul 14, 2020


2020 FINAL Assessment Roll

The 2020 Final Assessment Roll is now available from Onondaga County.


Apr 24, 2019


Draft Hazard Mitigation

FYI: Below is a link to Onondaga County's Draft Hazard Mitigation Plan.