Planning & Development

Building Inspections Information

Building Inspections are required during each stage of construction to ensure compliance with construction codes and building plans. Inspections are required at the following stages:

  • Footings before backfilling
  • Foundation wall before backfilling
  • Fireplace before insulating
  • Framing before enclosing (after electrical and plumbing inspections are approved)
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning before enclosing
  • Insulation before enclosing
  • Fire Protection equipment before enclosing
  • Final (Certificate of Occupancy) upon completing of all other inspections.

Inspections should be requested at least 24 hours before the inspection is necessary, call the planning department at (315)652-3800.

Electrical inspections are performed by a private company, and are often a part of your building or electrical contract. If you need to contact them directly, the Town of Clay accepts inspections performed by Commonwealth Electrical Inspection Service, Inc. (315)633-0027, Middle Department Inspection Agency 1(800)873-6342, or The Inspector 1(800)487-0535. Plumbing inspections are performed by the Onondaga County Health Department, and are requested by a licensed plumber.