The Town of Clay offers the following Exemptions, for your convenience just click on the exemption to print out a form. For more information you may want to refer to the Frequently asked questions.

New York State (not the Assessors’ office) is changing the STAR Exemption process for Tax Year 2014 (not this years. Starting in 2014 all BASIC STAR recipients (Not Senior Citizens) must register for the exemption with the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. Existing Basic STAR recipients (NOT Senior Citizens)will be notified directly by the State Department of Taxation and Finance when it is time to re-register. The Assessors’ office is not involved in the re-registration process! If you have questions, call the State STAR Registration telephone line at 518-457-2036. To register for the BASIC STAR, please call 518-457-2036 or apply on the State Website at www.tax.ny.gov. The Assessors office CANNOT register you for the BASIC STAR and we cannot help you with the process. This is a STATE PROCESS ONLY!


Key dates that affect the assessment process

Taxable status Date - March 1st

All properties appraised in current condition, including partially built new construction

Exemption Filing Deadline - March 1st

State Mandated-All property Tax Exemptions MUST be filed by this date-no exceptions

Tentative Roll Filed - May 1st

All changes for: Property values, property inventory, new properties, exemptions, addresses, ownership, special district charges/units and all other changes to the assessment roll are legally filed and available for public review for the first time.

Grievance Day - 4th Tuesday in May

A specific day set aside by state law for the challenge of assessment values before an
appointed Board of Assessment Review, though in a town as large as Clay, it is part of the daily process. No valuation changes can happen after Grievance Day until THE NEXT TAXABLE STATUS year. All values on the roll at this time will be utilized for the September School Tax Bill and the January Town and County bill. If no grievance was filed, no assessment changes can legally be entertained until the following taxable status year

Final Assessment Roll Filed - July 1st

Roll is permanent the September School Tax/January County and Town Tax. Nothing can change. Taxing jurisdictions now use assessment roll data to set budgets and tax rates

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List of Exemptions

The following exemptions are processed through the Town of Clay Assessors Office:

Veterans exemption

Application for Alternative Veterans Exemption from Real Property Taxation.

Senior exemptions

Application for Partial Tax Exemption for Real Property of Senior Citizens.

Star exemption

Application for School Tax Relief (STAR) Exemption

Disability exemption

Application for Partial Exemption for Real Property of Persons with Disabilities and Limited Incomes

RP-459-C40.47 KB
Agricultural exemption

Application for Agricultural Assessment.

Clergy exemption

Application for Partial Tax Exemption for Real Property of Members of Clergy.

RP-46047.6 KB
Commercial, Business or Industrial exemption

Applicaton for Tax Exemption for Commercial, Business or Industrial Real Property

RP-485-B15.94 KB
Industrial Development Agencies form
RP-412-A37.79 KB
Non-Profit Organization

Application for Real Property Tax Exemption for Nonprofit Organization-check with the Assessors Office for correct form.




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