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Partial Payment

Partial Payments are now available on Property Taxes in the Town of Clay.
  • ALL property owners may make Partial Payments on both Town & County and Village Taxes.
  • Partial Payments on School Taxes are available for property owners in the North Syracuse, Liverpool and Baldwinsville School Districts.  The Central Square School District also NOW accepts partical payments.
  • The Phoenix School District DOES NOT participate in the Partial Payment Program at this time.  


  1. The first payment MUST be made by the INITIAL DUE DATE .
  2. Each payment  may be for any amount, with the exception of the final payment, which MUST be made in full, including any penalty.
  3. If a partial payment is made the penalty schedule as it appears on the bill will be adjusted, therefore we suggest that all Taxpayers who are making Partial Payments please call the Tax Office to determine the exact payment amounts.
  4. No delinquent taxes may be due on the property.
  5. The tax bill will be receipted when paid in full.
  6. The number of Partial Payments allowed varies depending on the type of tax:
    • Town & County Tax - up to 4 payments
    • Village Tax - up to 3 payments
    • School Tax - up to 3 payments