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Parks and Green Areas

**Organized Games/Practices must be approved by the Recreation Department. A field use agreement (Located at the bottom of the page) must be filled out and submitted as a request to receive a permit for field use


To keep our parks safe and enjoyable for all our park users, we have established some rules and regulations governing our neighborhood and townwide parks.

The Town operates four townwide facilities, which are designed to accommodate large activities and functions. The four townwide parks are Clay Park South, (located at 7200 Buckley Road), Clay Park Central I and Clay Park Central II (located at 4821 Wetzel Road and 7858 Henry Clay Boulevard), Clay Park North, (located at 4483 Route 31 behind to Town Hall), and Meltzer Park (located at 8400 Stearns Road) Neighborhood parks which number 28, are generally smaller in size and located in densely populated residential areas. These are primarily designed for neighborhood drop in type of recreational activities: organized league play, whether it be youth or adult, is discouraged.

To reserve a pavilion area, we open bookings to Town of Clay residents ONLY on February 1st (or the first Monday if the 1st is on a weekend) each year. Summer dates fill quickly, so be sure to call and submit your application well before your requested date. 315-652-3800 ext 139. Applications can be printed from the download section of our home page or the link below. We are happy to launch our online booking platform as well. You may submit initial requests here If approved, permits will be printed and signed by the Recreation Director and available at our office for pick-up at your convenience M-F 8:45-4:15pm.

Although only a partial listing, the regulations below seem to be the ones that have been abused the most:

  1. Neighborhood Park Hours - 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Townwide Parks - 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  2. Alcohol consumption is prohibited in neighborhood parks unless a large group has a special permit issued from the Commissioner of Recreation. There are no restrictions against the bringing of such intoxicants into a townwide park by individuals or family picnic parties.
  3. The operations of any motorized vehicles or bicycles are prohibited on any field, grass or court areas. Park users are asked to avoid, if possible, parking on grass buffer areas, entrance roads or turn around.
  4. Littering of any sort, including glass breakage, is prohibited and will be enforced by any Town Officials in attendance at the parks. If trash receptacles are unavailable, please take the trash with you in your car.
  5. Animals, including dogs, are not to be brought into the park unless restrained on a leash. Please be courteous and do not let animal defecate in and around Children's Play Area and Athletic Fields.
  6. Soliciting or selling any items in the parks is prohibited.
  7. Golfing and hard ball play are prohibited. Neighborhood parks in residential areas are prohibited areas, also.
  8. Have Fun.