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  • COMMISSIONER: Mark Territo
  • PHONE: (315) 652-3800
  • EMAIL:
  • FAX: (315) 622-7259
  • OFFICE HOURS: 8:30 AM - 4:30PM M-F


The Department of Planning and Development serves the community by providing for the health, safety, welfare, and education of the public in the following areas:

**Please Note:  Due to the lengthy process of Building Permits, they may only be accepted until 4:00 p.m.  However, if you are paying by check, we can mail a receipt to you by the next business day.

**PLEASE NOTE** - You should have a copy of your survey as part of the paperwork when you purchased your home.  If not, the bank that holds the mortgage or the lawyer that did the closing should have a copy.   Please call the Planning Department if you'd like us to locate your survey for you.  Research will take a day or two, please call ahead.  We do not maintain surveys older than 15 years.

The Commissioner of Planning and Development coordinates the enforcement activities of these functions and additionally coordinates cases between the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals and the Town Board.   The Commissioner is responsible for scheduling and overseeing the process of violation cases brought by the Code Enforcement Officers to the Justice Court.

Code Enforcement Officers: 

Support Staff:

Electrical Inspection Agencies accepted by the Town of Clay are:

*Upstate Electrical Inspection Agency LLC, Aaron Bellows 315-452-5304

* CNY Electrical Inspection Service, LLC, Larry Kinne 315-633-0027

* Commonwealth Electrical Inspection Service, Inc., 1-800-801-0309

* The Inspector, Tim Willsey, 1-800-487-0535 or 315-247-9162

* Middle Dept. Inspection Agency, 1-518-273-0861


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