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Leaf Pickup

Town Residents:  Toward the end of October the Highway Department attempts to begin the process of picking up loose leaves ONLY in District #'s 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 & 8.  These are the Districts that have regular weekly brush pick up with Superior Waste through mid-December.  Reminder:  Loose leaves become hazardous when they get wet and can clog the stormwater drains.  We encourage you to continue utilizing your weekly pick up with Superior Waste.  

For districts 1 & 6 ONLY both loose and bagged leaves will be picked up by the Highway Department.  Please keep them separated.

Please keep in mind:  The Highway Department understands that not all leaves have begun to fall in October,  we ask for your patience and we will do our best to go throughout the town to pick them up during the months of November and December, weather-permitting.  As you are aware, living in Upstate New York we never know what to expect for weather conditions.  If leaves are too wet from the snow or rain the leaf vacuum cannot retrieve them.  Also, if snow accumulates on the leaves they will not be visible for the crews.  The highway department crews do not ever intentionally drive by a resident's home that has leaves, but because of these reasons, they may be missed.  

With these factors in mind, if leaves are bagged in biodegradable bags there is less chance of loose leaves being left at curbside.  We understand that purchasing these types of bags is an added expense therefore, the highway department has the opportunity to provide burlap bags to  residents at no cost. These bags are available on a "first come, first serve" basis and you MUST be a Town of Clay resident.  Burplap bags may be picked up in the white shed located in the parking area on the west side of the highway building. The quantity of burlap bags is limited as our supplier has begun recycling them.  If there are no bags available we will replenish as soon as the supplier provides them.  As we extend this service as a courtesy, the highway department has no knowledge of pending deliveries of burlap bags, nor does the highway office staff know when the inventory is low or out.

If the snow should fall before your leaves are picked up, we will continue the leaf pick-up as soon as possible. If the leaves are visible after a thaw, and the crews are able to get at them, they will be picked up.

Please have your leaves out in time for our pick up so that the highway crews can continue with their scheduled work as planned.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.