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Planning & Development

Brownfield Opportunity Areas Program Application

This is the Town of Clay's application in regards to the Brownfield Opportunity Areas Program which concerns specific areas of Three Rivers Point along Maider Road. This is a large document so please be patient for it to download completely.


Dog License Forms

(All dogs 4 months or older are required to be licensed).  We handle dog license renewals, dog license tag replacements, and dog redemptions. If your dog gets picked up by a Dog Control Officer, it will be taken to CNY SPCA.  A redemption requires that the dog is or must be licensed, be up to date on its rabies, and redemption fees must be paid at the Town Clerk's Office before picking it up from the SPCA.

License Fees

  • Spayed/Neutered: $5
  • Unspayed/Unneutered:$15
Planning & Development

Draft: Local Waterfront Revitalization Project

This is our current draft describing the Local Waterfront Revitalization Project.


Hazard Mitigation Plan - 1, Section 4.1, Section 4.2, Section 4.3, Section 4.4, Section 5, Section 6, Appendices F and G, Appendices A to E

This is the Clay Hazard Mitigation Plan - a valuable resource for Town residents to refer to.


2021 AWQR Report



2021 Water Rates


Planning & Development



Conservation Licenses (hunting, fishing, etc.)

(Fishing, hunting, trapping, bow hunting, muzzle loading, turkey permits, lost licenses) Note new regulations for New York State Residents 70 or older qualify for a senior license at a cost of $10.00 for a sportsman or $5 for a fishing license. Those seniors who may have a free 70 or older FISHING only license, do not throw this out. They are no longer issued and are good forever.  Non-resident and lifetime licenses are also available at our office. 

Licenses available at the town clerk's office during normal business hours.



Onondaga County oversees elections.  Anyone wanting to know what election district they live in and/or where to vote, please call the Onondaga County Board of Elections at (315) 435-3312.  Registration forms are available at the Town Clerk's office or you can call the Onondaga County Board of Elections and they will mail you one. We will be happy to answer any questions that we can, however, we do not coordinate this process.


Employment Application

Town of Clay Employment Application


Freedom of Information Law (FOIL)

FOIL requests are made at the Town Clerk's Department only.


Handicap Parking Permits

Permits must be issued from the Town that you live in.  You must complete your section of the handicap parking application and then have your Doctor complete and sign his part.  Please make sure the Doctor specifies whether it's a temporary or permanent medical condition.  We require the Doctor sign the form themselves (Nurse or Physician's Assistant signatures will not be accepted).  Applications must be made in person at the Town Clerk's office as we must see the Applicant's Driver's License or Non-Driver's License, if he/she has one. There is no fee.  This cannot be done by mail.


Maps & Zoning

  • Town Maps: $3.00
  • Zoning Ordinance: $20.00
  • Large Zoning Map (Whole): $20.00
  • Small Zoning Map (Whole): $10.00
  • Large Zoning Map (Half): $10:00
  • Drainage and Sewer Standards: $5.00
  • Copies (8.5"x11"): $.25/page; (11"x17"): $.50/page; Wide (over 11"x17"): $5.00/page

Marriage Licenses

No appointment is necessary to obtain a marriage license, however, due to the lengthy process, we ask that you come in by 4:00 p.m.  Cost is $40.00 (cash or check only).  Both parties must be present.  Anyone previously married must furnish a copy of ALL divorce papers. A current driver's license or passport and a birth certificate are required. Birth certificate or divorce papers must be original or certified copies with raised seal. Additional forms of proof are a passport, military I.D. or employer's photo ID, in addition to the birth certificate.

Proof must be presented in order to acquire a marriage transcript and certified copies of any marriage (filed with the Town of Clay).  The cost is $10.00 (cash or check only).


Notice of Claim

If you'd like to make a claim against the Town of Clay, please fill out the form below and mail or deliver it to the Town Offices.


Ordinance Permits & Miscellaneous Licenses

The Town Clerks' office can also issue the following permits: Refuse haulers, raffles, bell jar and games of chance, peddlers and solicitors, and mobile home permits.

Planning & Development

Other Information

Zoning Information Property Worksheet fee is $30 for residential, $75 for commercial and apartments.



Passport applications are available in the Town Clerk's office from 9:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. Passport renewals cannot be processed through this office.


Peddler/Solicitor Permit

To apply for a Solicitor's Permit you must first undergo a background check. The background check costs $10.00, which must be paid in person at the Town of Clay offices between the hours of 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.. The background check form may be downloaded below.  Next, please fill out the Application for Trade License form, also available below: