About Clay

Rich with natural, cultural, and numerous other resources that enrich quality of life and drive a strong local economy − the Town of Clay is the 17th largest town in New York State, second largest distinct municipality in Onondaga County, and home to 60,527 residents (per April 1, 2020 census).

With a footprint of 48.0 square miles (0.8 square miles of which are water resources!), Clay is a well-planned, well-governed, diverse, and vibrant community comprised of welcoming residential neighborhoods, thriving commercial corridors, and developments zoned to support a wide range of industries.

From an economic standpoint, the average home in Clay is valued at $150,500 and our median household income is $73,890. Demographically, 68.3% of Clay's population (age 16 and over) participates in the labor force, with an average commute time of only 20.4 minutes.

Building on an interesting historic legacy, the Town of Clay is committed to continued − and, importantly, well-planned and sustainable − growth. Striving to operate efficiently, yet ever mindful of the impact on our community's tax base, the Clay's government is committed to fostering economic prosperity, a sense of community, and opportunities for select and smart investments in Town infrastructure, the satisfaction of our residents, and both attracting and retaining employers.